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Office of Dean

The Office of Research and Development strives to promote administrative and academic research, and strengthen the integration of research resources. The goal of the Office is to draw up and implement mid- and long-term development plans, administrative analysis and research plans, and academic research expansion and collaboration plans. The Office comprises three divisions: Institutional Research Division, Development and Planning Division, and Academic Development Division.

Development and Planning Division

  • Manage and oversee all matters related to university evaluation.
  • Manage and oversee government-funded projects related to the development and advancement of private universities.
  • Process applications related to government subsidies for university development projects.
  • Carry out other duties assigned by superiors.


Academic Development Division

  • Manage and oversee Ministry of Science and Technology research projects.
  • Manage and oversee Ministry of Science and Technology student research projects.
  • Manage and oversee applications for the Ministry of Science and Technology Distinguished Scholar Award.
  • Provide access to information and regulations related to all research projects.
  • Manage and oversee applications for research reward subsidies, and scientific journal publication and media publication subsidies.
  • Manage and oversee applications for international academic collaborations.
  • Process applications for conference subsidies.
  • Process applications for academic journal subsidies published by University departments and graduate institutes.
  • Contact person for the United Academic Exchange.
  • Manage the appointment of administrative assistants for university projects.
  • Oversee student publication scholarships.
  • Revise and update related policies and regulations.


Institutional Research Division

  • Establish big data bank and integrate cross-division data banks.
  • Compile University research analysis data for policy and regulation implementation purposes.
  • Plan and implement administrative research projects.
  • Plan and organize administrative data into categories.
  • Provide information and data for administrative research.
  • Plan and hold workshops for administrative research in higher education.
  • Process matters related to administrative research for senior management.
  • Revise and update policies and regulations related to administrative research.

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